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Individualized Treatment, Genuine Care

Founded in 2012, One Love Agency is family owned and locally operated. Born from personal experience and with a mission to instill hope, One Love provides an array of services to support our clients in every step of their journey. From this extensive experience and diverse team, we are able to deliver collaborative and holistic care tailored to each client's needs.​


We are here to be your partner in healing. Click below to explore each of our services and how we may best help you.​​

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One Love's

Welcome to the One Love Agency O’hana!

The One Love Agency was established in 2012 by Rick Adolpho, a native of the island of O’ahu and born of Hawaiian ancestry. Rick is one of eleven siblings who all grew up working hard for their parent’s construction company. They would often work early
mornings, late nights, weekends, and holidays to support their family’s needs, and in between, still find time to surf, be by the ocean, and eat together as a family.


Growing up on the islands wasn’t just work and surf, there were some troubled times too. Rick saw firsthand many people in his community struggle with addiction, poverty, and poor mental health. Anytime anyone in the community found themselves on a dark path, the solution was the same – aloha (love)! The aunties, uncles, cousins, family, and friends would become one community centered around that one person to show love and support; to provide a meal; to spend time with them; to lift them towards a
better way.

The One Love Agency was founded on those principles of o’hana (family) and aloha (love) to deliver meaningful services to those who struggle with mental health and addiction. Those services include state approved services such as therapy, case management, and peer support that are delivered by licensed and certified professionals to assist people while in their homes and out in the community. With a touch of aloha, these services can be effective tools in bringing improvement and hope to those who are struggling. If that struggling person is you, we invite you to come and be part of the One Love O’hana here in Idaho. Come and experience one community, one love, and one family just like you would if you were on the islands.

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