Your Local Support Team - Here to Guide You


Your current circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start

-Nido Qubein


One Love Agency is a locally owned company that has provided targeted care services for diverse population groups since 2012. Our expertise is in proven recovery, through individual, couples, family, and group therapy.

Our services include: Therapy, CBRS, Case management, Peer support, Payee services, and EMDR.

We understand the specific needs and difficulties that can hinder treatment progress, so we strive to offer improved methods to ease the burden that can be felt by those suffering from poor mental health and addiction.

Our Locations

Boise Idaho Office

3649 N. Lakeharbor Ln

Boise Idaho 83703

Idaho Falls Office

2235 E 25th Street #200

Idaho Falls, ID 83404